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Black Thorn

Black Thorn (Hawthorn fly)
Originator: Mats Sjöstrand, Sweden
Hook: Dry fly hook, size. 14. (Mustad 94833)
Thread: Black
Body: Black Poly-wiggle
Legs: Deer hair
Hackle: Black hackle
Wing: White Antron yarn
Black Thorn, (Hawthorn fly)
The fly imitates the Hawthorn fly (Bibio marci, also called St. Mark's fly because it traditionally makes an appearance around St. Mark's day, April 25), which frequently occurs on streams in the south of Sweden in the early spring. But the fly is functional during the whole fishing season. It is a good imitation of many winged insects that occurs near fishing waters. It can be a good idea to use different sizes of the hook to imitate both larger and smaller insects (size18 - 12).

Dub the body with the black poly-wiggle. It can be a bit difficult to handle this material, but it is preferable to use the poly-wiggle instead of using other poly materials. The poly-wiggle has a high gloss and imitates the shiny black body of the insects very well. Tie two fibers of the deer hair where the body ends, on each side of the body, pointing backwards-downwards. And they shall reach half the body length behind the hook bend. They imitate one of the insect’s leg pair, which it holds like this when flying and standing on the water surface.

Tie the white wing on to the hook where the body ends, pointing upwards-backwards. The wing shall be a very thin and lengthwise it shall be cut not reaching behind the hook bend. Tie the hackle on to the hook and wind it two turns around the hook shaft. If you have a very thick hackle, like Hoffman quality it can be enough with 1,5 turns. To make the fly stand correctly on the water surface you can cut of the hackle fibers pointing downward or them tie upwards to the sides using the tying thread. Secure the hackle and form a small head with the thread. Finish with two whip-finish knots and varnish the head. Finished!

© Picture and text: Mats Sjöstrand 1999

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